How does it work?

Create a wish

You can start moving to your dream right now. Create a wish, turn it into a goal and collect funds for it!

Share it in social networks

Share your wish in social networks in order your friends, relatives and even strangers can help you reach it!

Raise money

The more people find out what exactly you want, the more chances you have to collect money for your present!

Get the present

As soon as the funds raising is completed – go to get your present!

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For our partners

Raise the sales

PresentWish is a ground for convenient fund raising for presents and purchases, which are held thru e-shops of our partners. That is why, our customers can use your shop for getting presents

Sell thru social networks

Our users tell about their wishes in social networks. Develop your shop via such an efficient avenue of promotion

Increase brand awareness

Extend the range of target customers, who take part in out crowdfunding companies, and use our site as an additional source of your brand development